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PassFee.comThere are many services that can be achieved on the internet and this site is a clear example of that. Passfess can be accurately described as a reasonably priced web application that was created in order to help people involved with providing services to private clients with an effective solution when it comes to organizing their activities, tasks, clients’ payments, etc. in a secure way.

The site has very interesting videos that explain in detail how you can be benefited with its services, as well as the different ways to securely record your most important tasks and payments. This system gives you the chance to use a dashboard with the information you need about all your clients. In this way you can be well organized regarding purchasing, payments, etc.

If you decide to get this company’s services, you will have the chance to get them in an easy way, and you will also learn more about a useful solution that helps you to quickly find your customers, as well as to get their payment notifications.

This is a nice application that allows you to send emails and SMS to your customer database, with a sessions’ calendar, and the ability for customers to review their own accounts. This website seems to be the right place for you to find out more about an application that was made for you and your clients to have a secure access to important information also using a Mobile phone. In Their Own Words

“One of the problems with trialing web applications for free is if you don’t like it, then you have lost all that work. Well with Passfee, you have the option to export all your customers details with what pass they are on, how many sessions are left and if they have made a payment for that pass/membership, all in a Excel Spreadsheet for you to use.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a solution that will give sellers and customers the chance to get all their important information secured and accessible in a simple way.

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Is there any additional feature coming up soon?