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To prevent you from loosing your mind by trying to create a new password for a new internet account, is here. Or well, there on the internet. Every time you create a new user account on any webpage is by now a real challenge. You must put your mind to the test of coming up with something new, easy to remember, but at the same time hard enough to avoid someone else cracking it.

This happens due to the expansion of unending internet services which appear every day, with the purpose of simplifying our lives. They do it, of course. Who would deny the enormous advantage of checking our e-mail through a web based platform, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail? But then, we have our social network accounts (the chances of someone using only one social network are quite low), our bank and credit card online services which we also access through a password, a profile on our favorite news portals, and so on. Passwords, passwords and yet more passwords are filling up our heads.

Passcreator, then, helps you by letting you rest from the stressful thinking of a password and creating it. The site is really simple to use. It shows a chart with the items you want to include in your new password. Uppercase and lowercase letters are the options concerning common letters from the alphabet. If you want your password to have both of these types, just check or uncheck the corresponding box for each one.

An interesting option is “Word that you can pronounce“, because by checking the box for this item, you will get a combination of vowels and consonants that could be spoken although they don’t make any sense. This will help to remember the password, in a more easy way than too many consonants together would. Then you can also include numbers or special characters, and define the length of your password too. adds to some web tools aimed at helping people with online passwords, of which is another example, with its own review here at In Their Own Words

You can select between many options and get a secure password. You can even specify a word before generating password, in order to display this word into password. The word will be placed randomly into the password.

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Are they planning to provide some other tool besides the password creation?

Author : Charly Zaks

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