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Pass.socialpass.netStationed at pass.socialpass.

net, SocialPass is a widget that can be embedded wherever the user wants in order to invite his friends straight from any site conforming the social scene nowadays. All main social resources such as Facebook, Likendln and MySpace are already taken into consideration, and new sites will be added as they come along.

The main appeal of such a solution is providing a more personalized and – to a certain extent – warmer way of inviting others to drop by your site. It can’t be denied that being invited to a site by an acquaintance is much more convenient (and alluring) than receiving a bulk invitation that has no sense of immediacy.

Signing up for a SocialPass is a simple task, too. All you have to do is furnish your e-mail address when prompted in order to create an account and become a fledging site user. From that point onwards, you can start pasting your widget wherever you want, and attracting potential customers and people who could appreciate your services easily. In Their Own Words

“SocialPass is an embeddable widget that enables users to invite their friends from different social websites and services directly to your website. SocialPass works with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social sites. We’re integrating new sites all time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A personalized invitation is always better than a bulk invitation that has no sense of immediacy.

Some Questions About

Are there companies providing related services, or is this one a forerunner?