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PartnerUp.comPartnerUp is a free networking site that helps entrepreneurs find co-founders, business partners, executives, advisors, mentors, and skilled professionals. It also helps people who are interested in getting involved in startups, but who don’t have a specific idea, find opportunities to get involved in companies.

In addition, PartnerUp allows people to network with other members, ask for and offer up advice, and find business resources. PartnerUp’s resource directory connects PartnerUp members with the products and services that they need for their business. In Their Own Words

“PartnerUp’s core functionality centers around connecting entrepreneurially-spirited people who have common goals. PartnerUp helps entrepreneurs and businesses find the potential business partners, executives, board members, and skilled employees that they need to make their venture a success. Concurrently, we help professionals (accountants, lawyers, and marketing people to name a few) find opportunities to become involved in helping to grow businesses by using their skills and experience. Finally, we provide a community for building lasting business relationships (and, in many cases, friendships) with others who share the same business and/or career goals.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Finding co-founders and business partners has always been one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and startups. PartnerUp brings these people together and allows them to connect with exactly the people that they need. The service is growing at a very fast pace and many new members and content appear on the site daily.

Some Questions About

Isn’t the process to exhaustive for doing it through the Internet? Isn’t it easier to go directly in person?