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ParkMyCloud Saves Companies Lots Of Money During Computing Downtime

How does taking 15 minutes to reduce costs by 20% or more sound?


I just love when I’m able to introduce great services and make the day of founders, which is exactly what I’m about to do.


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ParkMyCloud saves businesses that operate in the cloud lots of money by helping them to schedule on/off times so that they no longer pay for idle cloud computing services. Yes, it’s as simple and smart as it sounds.


All it takes to begin slashing unnecessary spending is to sign up for a ParkMyCloud account, and then connect it with the likes of Amazon Web Services. Such services, though essential for many companies, rack up tremendous costs even when not in use. With ParkMyCloud, companies “park” their services during downtime just as a vehicle owner would shut down an engine when not going anywhere to stop wasteful fuel burning – companies no longer pay for computing when there’s no computing going on.


ParkMyCloud is a lightweight SaaS app that doesn’t require any installations or downloads. It integrates with your business invisibly, though it it brings all those “lights left on in an empty building” into clear focus. An intuitive dashboard makes it a breeze to set up a parking calendar and begin saving immediately.


Fans of the lean startup model will especially appreciate this shrewd cost-reducing tool. The lack of upfront costs makes operating in the cloud so attractive, but monthly payments add up fast. ParkMyCloud clamps down on misspending without disrupting services.


When you think of how long it took to create smart tools for finding energy inefficiencies in housing, it’s rather remarkable that ParkMyCloud would find a way to apply similar logic to cloud services so early in the game. Most of us think about paying for storage in the cloud, instead of eyeballing active use. Bravo, ParkMyCloud, for spying the opportunity for cost reduction and for making it so easy to incorporate into standard practices.


Another great thing about ParkMyCloud is that it doesn’t demand continuous maintenance. After getting set up, the downtimes and cost savings come automatically. So, minimal effort and plenty of hard-earned dollars saved – what’s not to like?


Does your AWS EC2 bill cause you to wince every month? Wanna save on cloud computing with just a few clicks? Find out more about how you can pay only for the services you’re actively using at


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Author : Keith Liles

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