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ParkingWhoIS.comWhile the name is less than inspired, ParkingWhoIs is a useful tool for finding out parking providers for domains. This beta site does a search of forty domain monetization programs to find the provider.


Using it is as simple as typing in a domain name into the search bar and pressing the check button. If you don’t know, domain parking is an advertising practice which monetizes incoming traffic by sending visitors to a page with ad links and listings. Some sites, e.g. those under construction, or coming soon, may choose domain parking as a placeholder of another website—businesses can use the parked page to direct traffic to an affiliate site. For instance, a site may be called, but they may also own, and, which will all point back to in order to attract more type-in traffic. So, with ParkingWhoIs, you’ll be able to easily ferret out the real owner. In Their Own Words

“Enter a domain to check its parking provider.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is a simple yet practical tool for discovering domain owners. Users can figure out who owns what and what their intents may be.

Some Questions About

Who will use this? How will they monetize the site? Will they add any more providers to the list?

Author : Siri Marshall

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