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Free Money Is Possible, With Paribus

Today’s Killer Startup: Paribus



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Elevator Pitch:

Paribus automatically gets your money back when prices drop or you miss out on a coupon.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Because you’ll get money that you wouldn’t get otherwise.


The end.


Just kidding! I mean, not just kidding, because that’s the number one reason why Paribus is awesome. I know you came here for more than my obvious moments, though, so let me elaborate.


Do you know how stores are always promising lowest price points? Or releasing coupons that you have no idea about? Or there was a better deal that you didn’t know about? Most stores have guarantees around events like that where they’ll give you back some or all of the money to make up the difference. The problem is, you’re probably not aware of those deals.


Paribus connects to your mailbox and then monitors your email receipts. You can shop as you normally would, both online and in places that do digital receipts, and Paribus works quietly in the background to pull up any deals you may have missed or price drops that affect your purchases. When they find ones that you’re eligible for, Paribus will automatically file price adjustment claims for you.


Paribus makes their own money by taking a 25% cut of the money that they earn for you. While you might be like, “But wait! That money is mine!” you should think about the fact that you more than likely wouldn’t have seen even one cent of that money without Paribus’ help soo… Yeah, you can stop complaining.


To recap: Paribus is a Killer Startup because it finds money for you that you wouldn’t get otherwise, with no added effort on your part. Really, it’s a no-brainer.



FREE MONEY, you say?? There is such a thing, with @paribusco


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Author : Emma McGowan

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