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Pardot.comPardot’s Prospect Insight online solution for web-based marketing shows your sales team exactly where to spend its time in order to maximize ROI. Using advanced micro-level web analytics, Prospect Insight is able to capture all relevant prospect activities both within your site and off your site which gives you the ability to determine who is showing the most buying signals and therefore who is most likely to buy.

Pardot is so convinced that adopting its solution for B2B sales will increase your ROI that they guarantee to double the ROI that you are experiencing on current campaigns. Some of the ways that Pardot will improve your ROI are through: drip marketing emails, prospect routing, lead scoring and grading, recording of prospect activity, measuring of interaction time, and a wide range of other features. In Their Own Words

“Prospect Insight is a flexible yet powerful marketing automation solution, designed to boost sales for B2B marketers. The on-demand solution boasts a rich feature set in a variety of core areas.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a very robust and well-priced solution for anyone looking to improve their B2B sales. No downloads are required making it easier to use company-wide. This company should be a success because they are able to greatly increase ROI on sales efforts.

Some Questions About

Pardot seems to be in a class by itself because of both its robustness and low price. Will they be able to educate and inform businesses about the truly unique nature of the solution? Or will they struggle to get the word out?