KillerStartups – A Twitter Tool For Live Experiences

ParaTweet.comTwitter is so widespread that I wouldn’t be surprised if any day soon I could find Twitter toothpaste when shopping. What I know I can find for sure is an endless train of Twitter apps, and some are better than others.

And you know, this one is definitely in the “better than the others” category.

What it does is to let you interact with the audience at any live event, be it a conference, a concert or any other environment where the public is supposed to make a contribution of its own. The system provides both a ParaTweet display app and a moderation page that will let your public express its point of view, engage into conversation and debate.

There are already two different plans to choose from, and a third one is underway. They all come with live moderation and auto-filtering features, but the difference between the basic plan and the advanced one is that only the latter includes on-screen questions and support for up to three events at the same time. The licenses amount to six months each, and for the time being there is a one-year license available at a special price too. In Their Own Words

“A practical twitter tool for live experiences.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It brings the power of Twitter into specific live contexts in order to make for the exchange of opinions and monitored debates, without having to incur into great expenses.

Some Questions About

What are going to be the features of the forthcoming plan? When will it be ready?

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