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ParagonLake.comThe philosophy behind Paragon Lake is to help independent jewelers deliver customized fine jewelry in a way that is both easy and accessible to customers. Their mantra is that every piece of jewelry should be tailored to suit the needs of each customer and that each piece should be perfect.


The site works by allowing customers to submit their own design which is then tweaked by the Paragon Lake team and returned to the customer in the form of a realistic preview for their approval. Once approved, the jewelry is crafted by a team of talented designers and the finished product is delivered to the customer in less than two weeks. In Their Own Words

“We simplify the design process for jewelers and their customers. We can craft anything from unique engagement rings to a personalized pair of earrings in as little as two weeks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Paragon Lake recently secured $5.8M in financing co-led by Highland Capital Partners and Canaan Partners. This substantial amount of funding is due to the fact that Paragon Lake has put together a concept that could well appeal to the masses. After all, who wants to wear the same engagement ring as their neighbor when they can be sporting the ring of their dreams?

Some Questions About

How do they surmount the difficulties that must be associated with taking a customer’s shoddy design and turning it into something wearable while at the same time providing the customer with what they want?

Author : Caroline Bright

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