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Paracalls.comParacalls is a new global network. It lets you create a professional profile where you can list all your skills and qualifications, along with your previous work experience. You can also include all the professional recommendations that you already have, and request new ones from any contact that you manage to make on the site. And you can also become part of groups of interest, where you can be joined by all your colleagues old and new.

So, on you can create a true professional representation of you. You can include all the biggest achievements of your career, and make it clear to recruiters why hiring you would be the best move they could make.

Obviously, a profile on a site like this one is meant to exist in parallel to the one you have on a site like Facebook, where you keep all your friends and acquaintances. Or maybe not – I know quite a few people who are against creating a Facebook profile because they don’t want their privacy to be compromised. Well, if you’re one such individual and for one reason or the other a site like LinkedIn doesn’t cut it for you, then you can always try this one out. Accounts are created completely for free. In Their Own Words

Global networking for professionals.

Some Questions About

Will people really pick it over LinkedIn? What’s the good in using a site like this one when all the top recruiters and professionals are already elsewhere?