Panoply Puts Experts And The Clueless In The Data Driver’s Seat

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – which you haven’t, because you’re online and reading this right now – you’ve no doubt heard that big data is changing everything. There’s no doubt that data can help you as a business owner or website owner – to do more, and to do what you do better. What and how? These are the tough questions to answer behind the growing need for data specialists.


If you can’t hire your own expert, though, Panoply is a good place to start answering your questions about data. For starters, they announce being able to “go from raw data to complex analysis in under 12 minutes.” Twelve minutes! You won’t have to wait long for your questions to be answered!


panoply landing


Nor will you have to kill yourself entering or maintaining your data. Panoply does all the leg work for you. This cloud data warehousing service aims to handle all of your data needs, and keep you going forward on autopilot.


Structuring your data? Done. Maintaining your data? Done. Storing your data securely? You bet. Here’s their service spelled out in their own words: “We automate and optimize everything from infrastructure to ad hoc analytics to data source blending. History tables, transformations, security, slowly changing tables; it is all built in.”


Understanding customer behavior, accountancy, organizing vast collections of information – these are just a few of the many, many, many uses for cloud storage and data analysis. Panoply aims to give users the wherewithal to understand what data they have at their disposal and to take full advantage of it.


While anyone who works online can appreciate cloud services and surely has interest in unlocking the full potential of their data, doing that work requires time and skill that most don’t possess. Twelve minutes? That’s less time than it takes to dry a load of laundry. How could you not want to have analytic satisfaction delivered in that timeframe?


Looking to do more with your data, work with your data more easily, or to figure out what the hell you can do with it in the first place? Head over to and send a tweet from their page to receive a beta invite.


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