– Multi-Client IM Platform

Palringo.comPalringo is a multi-client Instant Messaging platform that is now also available for use by iPhone users. All major IM clients are supported on Palringo and the service includes the ability to have voice chats with friends as well.

You can leave messages when your contacts aren’t online and the service works independently of any network provider. Since the iPhone does not currently allow multiple programs to run in the background, Palringo is the best choice for iPhone users who need to stay in contact with friends across different networks. If you are looking for a great IM client that doesn’t stop you from talking with contacts, regardless of their network, then look no further. In Their Own Words

“Palringo is a novel Instant Messaging program that runs on a variety of phones and PCs. Palringo allows you to instantly exchange text, photos and vocal IMs with individuals or groups.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This platform should appeal especially to the millions of iPhone users in need of a cross-platform IM client.

Some Questions About

Will they be releasing premium add-ons as part of their business model? Otherwise, it is difficult to see how they will monetize the solution.