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“At Palore, we help people choose the best local businesses in their area (e.g. the best restaurant, plumber, or dentist). We do this by showing users reviews and recommendations from the people they trust. The reviews appear as an additional layer of information presented on top of any website the user goes to. We think of it as a Contextual RSS system that collects the right information but presents it only when the user needs it.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Palore is easy-to-use, fairly complete and bug-free, free of cost and free of ads, and it downloads quickly. It provides a useful service, and people will love how they can peruse all the online restaurant listings and reviews in one place.

Some Questions About

Are people going to want to download a service like this, or would they just prefer to continue using sites that don´t require downloads? After all, there are so many things out there to download these days, and our computers can´t handle them all.