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Palmood.comHow do you feel right now? As if you could use a shoulder? As if you were “walking ‘round ten feet tall” as Colin Moulding used to say? In either case this website will come in handy. Essentially, what it does is to let you share your mood with the world at large by using emoticons that are actually quite likable.


The designers certainly did their homework, and an anime fan like me couldn’t help but single some emoticons at a glance, most notably the “worried” one. It features the slanted eyes and the big drop of sweat that we anime adepts see on every title where the faces of the characters are deformed for humorous purposes. There is also the infamous “crying” face that features the river of tears running down from the emoticon’s eyes for added dramatic effect.

The idea of the site is that those who sign up can track the status of their friends, and know the way they feel on the spot. It is always embarrassing to call somebody and request something when the other person is not really feeling well, and systems like this one will enable everybody to avoid making such a blunder. In Their Own Words

“Palmood is a free service to share your moods easily… track your friends to be updated with any news!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A service such as this one will let anybody know when it is the best time to approach his friends, and when he can lend a hand or even a shoulder.

Some Questions About

How will this service advertise itself?

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