– Manage Your Finances Using Your Mobile

PaisaGate.comPaisaGate is a new money management service that is squarely aimed at mobile phone users. That is quite interesting in itself, and the fact that this mobile application can be used to track not only individual expenses but also collective finances give the whole application a glossier appeal.

That is, PaisaGate will let groups track their expenses collectively using a single account. This will help families, teams and even small businesses mange their expenses in a centralized way.

In practice, the application involves the creation of a budget and the tracking of expenses against that budget using both SMS messages and an online interface for keeping track of how every single cent is spent.

Since the app accommodates the needs of both individuals, families and businesses the actual nature of the budget can vary greatly. You can create home, family and business budgets and then see in which ways you can increase your saving by balancing the amount of the budget itself with how much you have spent. In Their Own Words

“Paisagate is a money management service that helps users with budget planning and expense tracking using SMS, mobile application or online interfaces.

The service enables users set up a budget e.g. home budget, family budget or project budget and track expenses against that budget – thus helping users increase their net monthly savings each month.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since everything is based on mobile devices, the whole application has great flexibility.

Some Questions About

Which languages are to be supported next?