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PagePressApp.comOne to make the lives of bloggers so much easier, PagePress is a Facebook app for WordPress users. If you’re one, then this nifty little app will let you have all the content that you post on your blog imported straight into your Facebook fanpage. In this way, you’ll be turning your Facebook fanpage into another source of traffic for your blog. You won’t have to do a lot more than installing the plug-in, and pointing it to your Facebook page for all of your posts to start being copied across.

If you’re a blogger (and you probably are if you’re reading this review), then I don’t have to tell you how valuable a service like this one can turn out to be. It’ll let you create an army of loyal blog followers at the same time that you get to grow your Facebook fans. And you’ll get to do it without having to spend a single minute importing your posts from one place to another.

You can get started by signing in to the service with your Facebook account here. In Their Own Words

PagePress is a Facebook app that ‘connects’ WordPress blog’s content to a fanpage. Basically, the app will enable the content posted on a WordPress blog to appear on a fanpage automatically.

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Why aren’t there apps like this one for blogging platforms such as Blogger and Joomla?