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Pageonce.comNow available in full public beta mode, Pageonce is a web-based portal that can manage all of your online accounts for you. Simply sign up for an account and enter all of the sites you use along with the passwords and usernames and Pageonce takes care of notifying you when something requires your attention.


From notifications about credit card payments, to Facebook friend requests, Pageonce can literally streamline and manage your online life for you. The interface is intuitive, well-designed, and it is difficult to believe that anyone would have a problem setting up their account. They claim to have implemented an array of security features which include 256 bit SSL encryption, and ensure that your data is safe with them. In Their Own Words

“Pageonce is quick and easy to set up. Seconds after entering a valid email address, Pageonce is on the way to creating a painless Internet experience free from the hassles of logins, password amnesia and, surfing the same sites over and over and over again. Using the powerful patent-pending Fetchonce™ technology, Pageonce delivers everything Web users love about the Internet including relevant products, services and offers, and nothing they don’t.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People will love being able to enter all of their information once and then receive notifications about anything they need to do. Couple this great functionality with the fact that it is free, and this one might be a real winner.

Some Questions About

Are people going to be willing to provide banking and other personal information to a company that is offering a free service? The free service could end up being their downfall as it will cause people to think long and hard about what exactly Pageonce will be doing with their data.

Author : Caroline Bright

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