Bummed About Your New Year’s Resolutions? Take Small Steps With Pacifica

Today’s Killer Startup: Pacifica




Elevator Pitch:

Pacifica is an app that helps you lower your stress and anxiety.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Everyone is always pumped to go into the New Year with all kinds of life changes, but we all know how often people stick to resolutions. If you’re not sticking to them, though, chances are that it’s because you aimed too high. Seriously! Real change takes a long time and includes many small steps along the way. All too often we resolve to start exercising or eat better and try to to make massive life changes that, frankly, are overwhelming.


Pacifica is an app that takes a different approach to life changes: using tools to help you make small changes in your life that will help reduce your stress and anxiety levels. The app gives you small, reachable goals to tackle every day that bring you closer to your big picture, life changing goals.


But Pacifica goes beyond goal-meeting. It’s also here to help with all of the mental stuff that keeps us from being our best selves. So, for example, you can track your health habits (like diet, sleep, exercise), track your mood, identify and correct distorted thinking patterns in your thought diary, and follow some relaxation techniques to calm yourself down. And once you’ve been using it for a while, Pacifica will help you track your moods and figure out what makes you feel best — and what gets you down in the dumps.


So stop beating yourself up about not meeting your New Year’s resolutions. Instead, download Pacifica and get started on the small, every day things that will build up to something big. That way, when 2017 rolls around, maybe you won’t even have to make any resolutions!



Beating yourself up over your failed New Year’s resolutions? Make small changes instead! @ThinkPacifica


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