Ozmozr.com – Absorb the Web Around You

Ozmozr.comOzmozr which has just been released in alpha, is a new-ish take on a combination of popular web 2.0 staples.

It takes RSS feeds, social bookmarking, and networking, mixing them up to produce a fresh way to absorb the web as it were. First and foremost, Ozmozr aggregates RSS feeds, filtered by collective tagging, allowing users to share and organize their feeds as a group or individually. From there, the community gets involved by ranking, rating, sharing and recommending feeds. There’s also an Ozmoze It bookmarklet for saving stuff as you surf the web. All your content is pulled into your profile space—your Flickr account, your blogs and social networks, bookmarks and even calendars are collected into My Identity. Groups and friends can be formed and added as well.

Ozmozr.com In Their Own Words

“OsmoseRSS is an RSS aggregator that leverages the power of social collaborative filtering through tagging. It is a project under development at the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning that allows people to import, store, share and manage RSS feeds in bulk or individually. These RSS feeds can come from blogs, bookmark sharing sites such as del.icio.us, photo sharing sites such as flickr, open educational resource sites, news sites, and any other RSS-producing source.

In addition to its functionality as an aggregator, OsmoseRSS encourages social interaction to help users find others with similar interests. Users tag RSS feeds as they add them to OsmoseRSS. When the RSS feeds are pulled into OsmoseRSS, the system processes the incoming data for tags embedded in the data and includes those tags as part of the description of each entry.”

Why Ozmozr.com It Might Be A Killer

This is an interesting take on bookmarking and feeds. Ozmozr aims to fulfill and complete the process of sharing information. It also takes your digital lifestream and puts it into one convenient space. Noteworthy, too, is their use of microformats which automatically pulls in blog content or even calendar events.

Some Questions About Ozmozr.com

At first site, Ozmozr isn’t really easily defined. Users may get confused about what it actually does. It seems familiar enough that they might not even bother. What’s more the interface is somewhat raucous and all over the place. Not sure if this has what it takes to gain any significant amount of traction. Ozmozr.com