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Ozi.comWe can define this network as a cross between a weblog and a community site that is devoted to the world of online advertising. The objective of this new resource is actually encapsulated quite accurately and straightforwardly by the team behind it: “To become the melting pot for those interested in making money online”.


This team encompasses different publishers, affiliate marketers and media buyers.

The information which is provided on this site aims to elucidate two main questions publishers always have to face: “Which networks can I use?” and “How much do they pay?”. The database can be browsed in the usual ways, and each network receives a rating out of five stars.

The truth is that generating revenue on the internet is not something univocal any longer. In actuality, there was never a single door you could walk through, and (if anything) these open doors have but multiplied. Knowing which door to venture forth is half the game. The knowledge this resource aims to gather together should let you know where to head to, or at the very least realize which networks are meriting the most attention at any given time. In Their Own Words

“Ozi Network is a weblog/community centered around the world of online advertising. Created by a group of publishers, affiliate marketers, ad network employees, and media buyers with one goal in mind; to become the melting pot for those interested in making money online.

There is no single resource for generating revenue on the internet, nor is there one way to do it. So what better way to bring it all together by compiling a wealth of knowledge on the ad companies that make the wheel turn, with the insight of the publishers that create the market. Many publishers find themselves facing the same problem, which networks do I use? are there others? what do they pay? Ozi is here to take away the confusion produced by this expanding industry.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It sheds considerable light on an issue as pivotal as knowing which networks are yielding the best results at any moment in time.

Some Questions About

How often are new networks added? Can you submit your own?

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