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OwnBox.comLooking for web hosting? Check out what OwnBox has for you. In this website you can get the domain you want for free.


If you’re a webmaster you can choose among,,, and domains and you’ll no longer need to lose your visitors when you move your site to another ISP, when you decide to change free-hosting or when they ban your site. Besides, you won’t spend a lot of time in placing and register counters on your pages to get statistics. Now you can change any ISP or free-hosting (so you can change your URL here and visitors even don’t notice it) and get all stats you need to know about your site including Detailed Visitors Stats, Referrer Pages, and more. This service gives you the opportunity of analyzing your traffic not with a Javascipt Counter on your pages but with Unix Server statistics, so you can get much more reliable stats without placing any counter code on your page. You could track online how many visitors you have in hour/day/week/month, and from where they come (referrer URLs) too. OwnBox also offers an e-mail forwarding service so people can send e-mail to your and their message will be automatically forwarded to your usual e-mail box. This is very useful for many reasons, for instance antiSpam, and if you don’t want others to know your actual Internet Provider’s E-mail Address. In addition, there’s a great function available called “Cloaking” that enables you to hide your target URL and lets users see only your New Domain URL. Instead of being redirected and suddenly seeing you target URL appear in the browser location field, they see your New Domain URL all the time, and when they bookmark your site the bookmark will still show the same URL. If you have links to external pages on your page you could use the “target=_top” tag to open the new sites on top of the invisible frame so their URL gets displayed. A Guestbook will be soon implemented for you homepage and will include online admin, e-mail notification, mail to guest, dirty-words removal, extensive html-filtering, useful configuration and lots of different languages (English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Ukrainian). Check now at the site’s search engine if your new domain is available.

Author : Fred Inman

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