OvoSuite.com – Controlled Information Distribution

OvoSuite.comWith OvoSuite.com you can easily organize the information of the company online and control who in the company is able to access it and who is not.

Everything from Document Management to User Audit to Voting, yes there is even a voting feature.

This is the ideal format for a company that is outsourcing its business to another location so they can remotely store all their information and be able to monitor who accesses these things and when. The smallest plan is free and the plans go up to corporate, but none of the prices are listed on the website. Hopeully this site can get up and going quickly so we can see how effective that it can be, as this is a sound service that clearly would be enjoyed by many businesses all over the world.

OvoSuite.com In Their Own Words

Online Virtual Office. Simple Yet Powerful.

Why OvoSuite.com It Might Be A Killer

This technology will be very useful for companies who are looking to take their companies into the web 2.0 formats. It will be ideal for companies that have workers spread across the globe that need to communicate with each other and share the same documents.

Some Questions About OvoSuite.com

As of now there is no pricing for the different plans which makes me worry that they are not fully up and running right now. Their Alexa ranking illustrates that they still have a long way to go. OvoSuite.com