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Outside.inDo you want to know what is going on around yourself? is a site created to give you data about the latest news.


On this site you will find a number of stories and events, in addition to different interesting local discussions regarding many things on a daily basis going on your block, neighborhood, or city.

One of the best things about this site is that you will get data extracted from many interesting sources (in fact, thousands). In case you are looking for local bloggers, or newspapers, in addition to events databases, etc, this is the right site for you to take a look at. The site also gets data from Twitter; therefore you will get many tweets that you will find very useful in order to be updated about everything happening in your backyard.

The site accomplishes this goal in a very simple way by aggregating the latest news, and discussions, in addition to different conversations on the web. The system will allow you to map it to specific locations. In this way you will be given the opportunity to organize the content you will get by city and State, as well as zip code or neighborhood, in addition to street address, latitude/longitude, and discrete place.

If you want more information about this system’s features, feel free to check the site’s blog out, or else follow on Twitter, Facebook, etc. In Their Own Words

“ is the best place to discover news happening around you. We make it easy to find stories, events, and local discussions happening in your neighborhood, within your city, or even on your block. Thousands of sources—including local bloggers, newspapers, events databases, and even Twitter tweets—help you keep up with everything happening in your backyard.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This solution will give you the possibility to get important and useful information about a wide range of matters in a simple way.

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Author : Paul Barker

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