outquib.com – Express Yourself and Join a Cause

outquib.comoutquib is a place where you can take a look and see what people are thinking about. Whether you want outsiders input on the age old question chocolate or vanilla ice cream or you want to get peoples opinion on whether or not they think that it is the United State’s responsibility to police the world, outquib has a debate that I am sure will interest you.

You can see all of the recent debates and posts on the homepage. If there is a specific topic that you would like to search for you can do a key word search. When you find a debate you are interested in looking at you simply click on the title and you can see all of the back and forth posts and debates that have been made. There is a section with the statistics of the debate such as: how many people are involved, total posts, when it stated, and posts per week. There is even a pie graph that displays the outcome of opinions. You can take a look at other users’ profiles and see which debates they have contributed to. You can browse the site all you want but if you are interested in participating or creating your own debate topic you must create a user name. There is a cause site as well which is similar to a group feature. If there is a cause you think is important you can gain support at outquib by having other users join you. Debate and learn more at outquib.com.

outquib.com In Their Own Words

“outquib is the world’s source of opinions. Discuss what you are passionate about. Show the world what you think!
Whether you are a computer geek who cannot decide what operating system is best or a college student still deciding who to vote for, outquib is a better way to inform yourself.”

Why outquib.com It Might Be A Killer

The graphs of the debate results are a great way to give users a visual image of the outcome. The causes section is a very cool feature. outquib users seem to get very involved in some of the debate topics and from the debate there can be an epiphany and users can use these thoughts to create groups and find support. Outquib has a huge spectrum of debate topics but the majority of them are relevant and interesting topics which is great.

Some Questions About outquib.com

Although you can browse by key word, and sort by date or title it would be nice if outquib had a categories or tags section. There will always be competition and especially for sites that gather people’s opinions, how will outquib deal with this competition? outquib.com