Oursoko.com – A Social Alternative To eBay

Oursoko.comWe can define Oursoko as a social discovery shopping marketplace whose objective is to connect people who are looking for something with the ones who can meet that demand. Oursoko revolves around a system that goes by the name of Sokizmo.

Basically, it is a system that lets products and stores increase their visibility according to the amount of user interactions connected with them. In theory, the more a product is shared, purchased and reviewed then the more notoriety that it will have.

In theory, this means that the products that are listed on the main page are the ones that have been interacted with the most, and the ones reflecting the true transactions that are being carried out on the website.

As a result, the site can be counted upon when it comes to discovering new products socially. You can join groups and add your friends from other networks, seeing what it is that they are purchasing and go from one discovery to the other.

Oursoko.com In Their Own Words

“Share. Shop. Sell. It’s that simple.”

Why Oursoko.com It Might Be A Killer

The site aims to provide a true social alternative to eBay, and do so in a cost-effective fashion – there are no listing fees, and only a one time 3% final value fee in all categories.

Some Questions About Oursoko.com

In which direction is this site headed? Oursoko.com