OurLark.com – Letting You Wake Up Silently

OurLark.comLark is a silent waking system that will let those sleeping in the same bed avoid disturbing each other with a clangy alarm when it’s time to get up. This system involves using an iPhone app and a wristband that has a sensor.

You set the time that you need to get out of bed using your iPhone, and this band will gently vibrate when the moment comes.

It can’t be argued that this is quite a novel service. Its main value lies in letting couples avoid unnecessary bad feelings over something that is actually as important as getting a good night’s sleep. A lot of people can’t get back to sleep once they have been awoken. While that can happen because of reasons as dissimilar as having a partner who snores or who kicks in his/her sleep, alarm clocks are one of the biggest offenders. Hopefully, this new technology will put a definitive end to that.

Lark currently costs $ 99. In addition to the wristband and the iPhone app you will be getting a stand for your mobile.

OurLark.com In Their Own Words

“A silent waking system.”

Why OurLark.com It Might Be A Killer

It will make waking up your partner when you have to get out of bed a thing of the past. Just think of all the unnecessary fights you will be able to avoid.

Some Questions About OurLark.com

Will other mobiles besides iPhones ever be supported? OurLark.com