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It’s Always Been Too Much Trouble To Get Stuff Home From Vacation, Until Now

I’ve seen you do it too – furiously unzip your suitcase at the check-in counter, throw on more layers of clothes, stuff jacket pockets with odds and ends, throw something away in disgust, and heave your luggage back on the scale to see if you’re under the weight allowance.



Not fun at all.


Buying and packing souvenirs has become a real headache for travelers. Not only is there the trouble of lugging stuff around wherever you go, but then the huge worry over getting items home. Extra luggage for space to bring things back from a trip costs a fortune. So does going over the limits. Even if you manage space and weight, there’s the increased chance of things breaking crammed into bags.


You could try to ship before traveling, but that usually means waiting in lines and struggling to communicate your intentions – eating away at your precious vacation time and bliss.



Ouisi landing



Ouisi looks to make life easier for travelers by taking the pain out of shipping travel purchases back home. Have purchased goods picked up and then sent to your house using the application in just a few clicks.


Yes. Yes.


To be fair, the service will have a lot to prove and it still presents a lot of questions. (How will arrangements be made? How much will it cost? Where is Ouisi available?) But the company is only in beta after all.


The concept is fantastic. If Ouisi manages to execute well in this complicated space, it could be huge. That’s why the startup earns this week’s Best In Beta kudos.



Ousi app



I selfishly want Ouisi to succeed. My last trip involved a number of low-cost flights, which meant packing extremely light and zero mementos. I’ve left too many wines on the shelves of boutique wineries, been to too many markets and forced myself to remain an observer. Simply put, there should be a better, simpler, more affordable way to ship things home when you’re traveling.


I hope Ouisi is the answer. I’ve seen startups work recently to enlist the crowd to transport packages back when they have extra space in their luggage. I applaud such creativity, but we also really need a surefire, efficient tool.


When you’re on a once and a lifetime trip and see something that will help you celebrate your journey and carry your experiences with you forever, it’s lame to first have to wonder how am I going to get this home? If i buy this, will I have to pay more for my luggage? See it, buy it, send it. Yes, yes, Ouisi. Please make things just that easy.



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Author : Keith Liles

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