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The Journey From Napkin Doodle To Huge IPO Begins Like This

Getting started is still really tough, no matter that the Internet is loaded with tools for turning ideas into real products. Dirty little secret: most solutions are imperfect or incomplete. If you want to make something beautiful from the beginning and make it fly, where do you turn for help?



Before you spend 10 years killing yourself to realize a vision on your own, or dangle your dream before the sharks that would gobble up your control and earnings in exchange for their help, consider that there is another way.


The smaller guy. The daring ones, truly committed to fast validation and lean models and to building shiny things that dazzle longterm rather than temporarily blind – guys and gals probably a lot like you (with a wicked-smart head start).


Meet Ottermatics, a small product design and engineering firm. They “work closely with entrepreneurs and help shape their napkin sketches into real products, create marketing content, find manufacturers and get them ready for their initial production run.”



ottermatics landing



Backgrounds in the aerospace and defense industry mean that team members have mad technical skills. They can help with designing products, electronics, software, CAD/CAM and more. They have their own 3D printers, which helps them to build prototypes quickly – illustrating and testing concepts lightening fast, before clients sink money into production.


The good people at Ottermatics are not so used to wearing safety goggles however that they cant see the big picture. They also pay attention to things like the oft-overlooked packaging. Need help with branding, web design, artwork, or rendering your concepts? Ottermatics has your back.


And talk about a keen eye. Can you spot the most obvious design flaw of the cell phone? Ottermatics could, and they designed a simple yet elegant product that effectively addresses the defect. Being a small firm helps them stay nimble as well, working on a great variety of projects – from wine aerators to planes, power cables & chargers to surf fins.






If you’re thinking about crowdfunding (and what early stage company wouldn’t these days?), Ottermatics specializes in making products fit and ready for Kickstarter. They’ve developed an in-house “algorithm” that they’ve used to launch successful campaigns. Their very first project reached its fundraising goal in just 10 days and went on to be 189% funded.


There are so many ways to blow it on a crowdfunding campaign. It’s well worth investigating the Ottermatics recipe for success in order to avoid heartbreak.


At any point in the product lifecycle, the agile team at Ottermatics is prepared to dive in and rapidly help entrepreneurs advance their businesses. Need a stunning prototype? In the hunt for elegant solutions? Find out more about how Ottermatics can help you validate ideas and launch winning products successfully at


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Author : Keith Liles

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