OSQA.net – Every Question About Open Source Answered

OSQA.netOSQA is a specialized questions and answers website. It deals with Open Source and its every ramification.

The site is absolutely free to join, and it can be entirely used at no cost too.

As every other Q & A website that exists, you can browse the questions that have been submitted both by tags and by users. And if you take part of the whole process and start answering questions yourself you will earn badges and have some cool credentials to go around.

Alternatively, the featured questions and answer can be arranged by popularity, and you can choose to have the most voted dilemmas only displayed. In that way, you can quickly find the answer to any question that you know must be on everybody’s lips without having to ask it again yourself.

Ultimately, the website is serviceable enough. It is nothing groundbreaking in terms of design or execution, but then again few Q & A sites are. As long as they can give you a direct answer they are doing their job, and this site takes care of that for sure.

OSQA.net In Their Own Words

“Open Source Q & A Forum.”

Why OSQA.net It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking into having any Open Source question answered, this is certain to do the trick.

Some Questions About OSQA.net

How could the site become more appealing from a visual point of view? OSQA.net