Oronjo.com – A Smooth Way To Sell Your Own Content

Oronjo.comIf you have a blog or a site and you are one for creative designs, then this new service will appeal to you. Essentially, it will empower you to sell your own content to visitors in a direct and complete way.

It is all handled very simply. All you have to do is individualize the content that you are keen on selling, and Oronjo will create a duplicate of the file in question in its own server. Once this has been done, your content can be sold by adding a button that directs the user to the copy hosted on Oronjo’s servers.

Bloggers have to install the Wodpress plugin that is featured, but that is the one and only difference that I managed to notice. In every case, once the actual sale is made and the payment has been received the content will become downloadable.

Nobody would be mistaken to underestimate the value a system like this can have. Musicians in particular know what can be achieved when marketing music online and giving people access to their songs for a price that eliminates expenses like pressing and so forth. But in the event you are new to the game, this site will show you all the advantages that could be derived from such a system.

Oronjo.com In Their Own Words

“Sell your content on your own site.”

Why Oronjo.com It Might Be A Killer

Such a service makes the distribution of content across the web as easy as it should be in order to stand as something profitable.

Some Questions About Oronjo.com

Are blogging platforms other then Blogger supported? Oronjo.com