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OriginDigital.comOrigin Digital is a video app service provider which aims to ‘fast forward your media strategy.’ Their Odaptor digital media application allows users to capture, convert, control and gain revenue from their media content.


Specific focus is bestowed on online advertising and branding campaigns. Origin can provided dedicated or managed hosting, as well as web design services on top of their video app, for top brand companies. Additionally, they offer on demand and mobile broadcasting. Origin is the first company to bring on-demand video support to virtual worlds such as Second Life. Users can thus upload streaming video and audio that can then be integrated directly into their virtual community. The service gives Second Life users a more flexible solution for media integration. In Their Own Words

“Origin Digital is a global video applications service provider that applies the rigors of broadcast to the management, distribution and delivery of all forms of digital content. Through global points of presence and strategic partners, Origin Digital provides hosted applications, tools and services to simplify the capture, conversion, and control of digital media.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Origin Digital provides a robust set of tools for delivering video and broadcasting applications across the web. Its focus on advertising gives companies a means to get their brands out in the latest and most popular online communities.

Some Questions About

What’s the pricing plan? Is this something that mainstream users could easily integrate?

Author : Siri Marshall

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