search cancel – User Generated Marketing is an app developer that allows users not familiarized with programming languages to create viral widgets.


In order to start using the site or taking a look at other users’ creations, one must login as a member, which is free and simple. After that’s done, just enter the URL of any flash widget, attach a “share” button on to it, customize it in terms of graphic design and outlook, and then figure out what you want to happen when your widget users click “share.” The site takes special pride in offering extreme customization tools intrawidget, that is, that are embedded in the app and not next to it, and go to pains to lay it clear that the app is not a theme picker, where users can just pick a color or upload logos and pictures to change the general aspect of the widget, but to be able to modify every aspect of it, from the functions, content, panels, backgrounds, borders, buttons, etc. by uploading graphics or using the gradient creator. Also, it is a great resource for anyone looking into making money out of widgetting, as it allows users to share their creations and get them known in the blogosphere, choose how much they want to pay for every time someone clicks “share” on the widget. As bloggers might adopt it in order to get some extra revenue, widgetters get their revenue without much effort, so the whole platform works by encouraging creativity and novelty. Take into account that users only pay for the first click they receive; further referrals have no cost. In Their Own Words

“We have a widget ad system in the works, as well as complete widget creation for all sorts of widgets, media players, widgets with forms, chat rooms, messaging widgets, chat widgets, comment widgets, etc. Our system also lets you combine them together, or upload your own widget and combine it with that.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that no programming experience is needed in order to use is a good way to defy other widget sites, which demand some background on programming in order to get going.

Some Questions About

So much customization and nuance in applicability might make a huge database of undifferentiated stuff. Maybe the site should consider pumping up the social aspect and get users to vote on the best widgets in order to highlight the really useful or interesting new creations.

Author : Caroline Bright

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