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Avocado Melt, Garlic Fries… Mmmm, Talk Orders2Me





A way to order food online has become a must have for many restaurants. Customers love the convenience; restaurants love the increased business. Sounds like a perfectly rosy development in the industry, right?


Move the pretty garnish to the side, and it becomes evident that online ordering is still an undercooked dish.


Services like Seamless and GrubHub have become so popular it’s understandable that restaurants offering delivery and takeout would hustle to prevent being left out. In a super competitive market, they need a solid online presence. However, ordering services don’t always look after restaurants’ best interests.


For starters, the primary concern of such services is having hungry patrons return to the service rather than any particular establishment. Individual brands, and their all-important relationships with customers, both slip into the background.


Payment schedules don’t always align with reality of operations. Mom and pop diners, world-renowned Michelin-starred establishments – they all live week to week (if not day to day). They can’t function properly if they need to wait for a 3rd-party payment to enter their bank accounts.


More importantly, restaurants simply can’t afford a middleman. Industry margins are insanely slim. Coughing up 10% to 18% of each sale doesn’t add up.


So, restaurants get caught in a lose-lose situation, needing to offer online ordering but unable to justify the expenses.







How does adding $2,500 in additional revenue the first month of using an online ordering system sound, restauranteurs? With no loss of in-store sales. It can and has been done.


Orders2Me is an online ordering system that lets customers order directly from a restaurant’s existing website. Don’t have a website? Orders2Me can help you out there as well.


With Orders2Me, customers can place their orders online using the device of their choice. Menus appear as they should, staying consistent with the brand. What’s more, prompts guide customers through menu choices and modifications for smoother and faster ordering, while creating opportunities to offer extras and raise ticket prices.


Customers order from either the restaurant’s website or Facebook page, and tickets go straight to the kitchen. This means that staff isn’t bogged down with taking orders. The phone lines will never clog, no customers will turn away after waiting impatiently.



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With online ordering, there’s no limit to the number of simultaneous orders that can be placed. You’ll just need a killer kitchen crew to handle the bump in tickets you’ll undoubtedly see. The rest of the staff, however, will have more time to stay on the floor and take care of onsite diners, building stronger relationships.


Orders2Me has several benefits in addition to processing online orders: marketing tools for offering coupons or rewarding positive reviews and recommendations, better customer feedback management, and slick reporting that identifies best customers and ticket items.


Payment arrives in 2-3 days rather than in weeks.


There’s also a straightforward management dashboard to monitor the entire system. For all these advantages, you would only need to add 2 tickets per month, if you have an average ticket price of $35, to cover a $69 recurring fee. Two tickets? You’ll be aiming much higher than that, won’t you?



unnamed The Orders2Me Team




Orders2Me has already fully integrated with the following 7 restaurant POS systems: Aldelo, Focus, MICROS 3700, POSitouch, POSlavu, Revel, and SpeedLine. Also teamed up with USAePay (payment gateway), Orders2Me is fast making both digital ordering and payment processing a cinch.


Those looking to attract new customers and grow their restaurant business by offering online ordering should visit Say goodbye to those nasty service fees.


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