Orb24.com – Your Cyber Home for All Your Storage Needs

Orb24.comNeed to find a cyber home for all your media files? Orb24 offers just that—a center to keep all your personal/business related media files. There are albums for arranging your photos and libraries for storing your videos.

Additionally, you can convert old video tapes, slides and film prints to DVD and save them on site. All your documents—Excel, Word, PDF etc.—can be uploaded and accessed from your personal Orb account anytime, anywhere. There’s an onsite search bar which can be used to find videos from the web which can be saved to your Orb library. You can also search for any documents within your account. Orb members get their own email address. There’s automatic file backup, home inventory tools, and a music player too. You can get a free 1 gig account, or subscribe by the year for low fees, starting at $49.95 for 6gb.

Orb24.com In Their Own Words

“Orb24 acts as a secure, centralized digital portal that empowers online users to become digital architects. You can now create your own personalized Cyber Home, making your Orb24 account, the epicenter for all of your personal and/or business media conversion, storage and backup needs.”

Why Orb24.com It Might Be A Killer

Orb24 offers a complete backup and storage solution. It’s got everything your average consumer would need—email, integrated search bar, conversion, backup, inventory tools, and media galleries. All of this is available at an affordable per year price.

Some Questions About Orb24.com

Can Orb24 members share their files? Are there access controls in place? How often are filed backed up? Orb24.com