Orangoo.com – Spell – Online Spell Checking App

Orangoo.comIf you’re looking for a fast and easy way to spell-check online, give Orangoo’s spell checking service a try. This application lets you cut and paste text and run it through their system, which operates in 27 world languages and uses Google spell checker and Aspell.

You can also have Orangoo scan the text content of entire web pages for you to identify spelling errors; simply enter in the URL of the webpage in question followed by your email address (the site will send you a sample report; the service is not free). This report is completely thorough, as long as your site does not exceed 60 pages. For those of you tech-heads out there, you may want to know that Orangoo uses an open-source code that lets you integrate their service into your own web applications.

Orangoo.com In Their Own Words

“This little application lets you spell correct from any system or computer that has Internet access”.

Why Orangoo.com It Might Be A Killer

Orangoo is a very thorough spell checker not only in terms of the broad scope of languages it supports, but also in the fact that it provides complete website scans. I tested out Orangoo in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, and it works well for all three of those languages (better than Word and comparable to Gmail’s spell-checking service).

Some Questions About Orangoo.com

How much is the fee for a complete website scan? Is it a flat rate or does it vary dependinig on the number of characters on the site? Orangoo.com