Ora Supplements Are Definitely Not Your Grandma’s Vitamins

One of the deep ironies of the modern, Western world is that, while we have access to more food — and more types of food — than ever before in human history, most of us somehow aren’t getting enough of the right nutrients. Blame it on fast food; blame it on refined flour; blame it on whomever you want, but there’s no denying that most of us could use a little boost in our nutritional profile.


Ora is a California-based supplement company that got their name from the aboriginal Maori language of New Zealand. The word means “life, health, and vitality” — and that’s what they’re all about. Their supplements are organic, plant-based and vegan, chef-designed, and sustainable. Basically, they’re here to make up for what you’re lacking, and they’re really serious about only using real ingredients to do it. Nothing “refined” here, unless you’re referring to their beautiful website and lovely packaging.




Because these aren’t your grandma’s supplements. Ora has taken a refreshing approach not only to the actual products they produce but also to the design of how they’re packaged. They currently offer a probiotic/prebiotic, a superfood protein, and an omega-3 spray. While that may sound pretty standard, consider the fact that the protein is called “way better than whey,” the omega-3 is “nothing fishy here,” and the probiotic/prebiotic is “trust your gut.” It’s informative, clever, and the bottles themselves are simply lovely.


(Oh, and they’re also working on a multivitamin that will be available soon, for all of you who want to get everything in at once.)


As an added bonus for those of you who can never remember to re-up on your supplements (me!), Ora lets you basically sign up for a subscription service and they’ll send you your supplements every month. If you go for that option, they’ll even give you a tidy little discount for your loyalty. Can’t really beat that, can you?


Even if you’re the most health-conscious person out there, some of these nutrients can be really hard to integrate into your diet. (I’m thinking particularly of omega-3s, which can be super hard to get if you don’t eat fish or, even if you do eat fish, you have to be really careful about mercury levels and sustainability.) So if you think your diet could use a little boost, head over to Ora and sign up to start receiving the coolest supplements in town.


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