Optuno – You Can Have Your Cake Website And Let Others Eat The Work Too

It’s not uncommon to live with the website that we have rather than the website that we want. There are plenty of good reasons for us settling for less – we believe we can’t afford professional designers, we rely on DIY solutions and don’t have the time to perform maintenance, we simply have too much else to do…


The list could go on, but rather than launch a pity party, how ‘bout we consider another option: Optuno.




A full-service, 100% customized website and steady upkeep for a monthly flat fee. That’s the offer Optuno puts on the table. Their aim is to have you say, “Goodbye DIY. Hello DBO (Done By Optuno).”


Basically, you sign up and choose a theme, and Optuno takes care of the rest. They add all the graphics and elements you need according to your preferences. You don’t have to settle for anything you’re not entirely happy with, and you don’t have to pay a fortune as you might otherwise for multiple consultations regarding your website.


That’s just the beginning of what Optuno does. They also produce content for you. If you have your own, they use it. If you’d rather skip this step, you can just approve what they generate. Optuno also sees your site go live and helps propel your site onto all the top search engines. They track all the changes and edits, sparing you this tedious work.


At this point, plenty of other services would be content to take the money and run. Not Optuno. They also help with your site maintenance, updating content within 24 hours of requests. They even offer free design upgrades, so you’re not stuck with your initial site until the end of time. On the contrary, they help you keep your content and appearance fresh.




We’re talking safe and secure. High performance hosting. Design and copy by a professional team. Quality management and maintenance, and minimum effort. It’s rather surprising no one has put together a similar value proposition. A round of applause is in order for Optuno tackling the full spectrum of website pains in one solution.


The startup offers different plans, priced according to the number of pages your website entails, ranging from $49/mo for one page to $99/mo for unlimited pages. As the cost goes up, the perks increase incrementally as well.


Ready to have pros handle ALL of your website work for you? Visit optuno.com for more details.


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