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OpThink.comCan’t make up your mind on what is the perfect Christmas gift for that special person? You can always resort to the WWW in order to find consumer reviews and related materials. Trouble is, there are just too many sites that collect reviews to sift through, and doing so can turn into a time-consuming task indeed.

Fortunately, there are resources like this one to make things suppler.

In essence, the site comprises a search engine whereby you can access the relevant consumer information right away. All you have to do is supply a query (which has to be as specific as possible, including aspects like product number and so forth) in order to browse through reviews and commentaries.

I found it a bit surprising that there were no refinement tags at all. That is certainly a sorely-missing feature, and one that would give the site additional appeal. I hope this feature is implemented in future revisions.

Other than that, the site fulfils its objective with correction, and if you are on the lookout for fresh comparison resources you might as well give the OpThink portal a spin and see how it fares for yourself. In Their Own Words

“Our project aims to help consumers make their choice. We believe that through truthful reviews and opinions left by real people, we will improve the global market and the whole world. Successful companies pay attention to people’s needs…..”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Comparison resources are always appreciated by every internaut out there.

Some Questions About

When will the site be updated and feature a more flexible search tool?

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