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Operator11.comIf you’ve got a webcam, share your live in videos with your friends and family. Operator11 is a service that is similar to YouTube, but goes further by allowing you to post live videos of yourself.


It’s like letting you have your own TV show, that your friends can tune in to. Operator11 uses a common user-rating system that makes the highest rated videos more visible. This system, if it works properly, should result in high quality content on the site. In Their Own Words

We are an Internet television network that leverages the high production values of broadcast television with the social networking features of the net. You can create, record, edit, remix, interact and netcast live media to the world.

No, really, it’s much easier than it sounds. All you got to do is create an account and then create a show (yeah, just like if it was the television). Then, you can start adding episodes (again, just like if it was the TV).

In your episodes you can NetCast yourself LIVE with a webcam for the world to see. You can mix your NetCast with that of your friends. You can also just upload some videos you have in your computer, and even better, you can mix those videos with your webcams to create wonderful productions. And all of that free, from the comfort of your browser.

Why It Might Be A Killer

With just a few easy steps, Operator11 lets you take advantage of your webcam to share video with friends. It’s fun, free, and great for people who have built-in cameras in their laptops. Travelers will love it, and business collaborators might even use it instead of Skype to hold meetings.

Some Questions About

It’s likely that YouTube could develop the same technology, since they are so much further along in their development.

Author : Bruce Turner

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