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OpenStockPhotograpy.orgOpen Stock Photography is a Trynt, Yahoo!, Wikipedia mashup which allows its users to find public domain photographs (ie free photos). All images come from Wikimedia Commons and can be used for any purpose.

This multilingual site features search by term, tag, color, suggestions, concepts and translations. It’s also got image lightboxing and implicit image tagging. To store photos in your lightbox and to make comments, you’ll need to log in with your Yahoo! ID. Photographers can directly submit their photos to the site via Wikimedia. More features to come include: image editing tools, photo printing, lightbox feeds, and explicit image tagging. In Their Own Words

“Open Stock Photographybeta is mashup created to help designers find free stock photography (or public domain photography).
Much like Wikipedia (and Wikimedia Commons), Open Stock Photography, is a multilingual system. You can search for stock photography in virtually any language!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

OSP is a great resource for designers, artists, and even bloggers. It makes finding public photography much easier than doing a regular Google search. Plus the search options are quite flexible and interesting.

Some Questions About

OSP still feels quite raw. The search by color option doesn’t seem to work. There are too many decentralized links. Information is scattered all over the place and the site lacks overall coherency.