OpenLabel – Learn What You Really Want To Know About Any Product

It’s one thing to want to spend your money on products, companies, brands that you support. It’s quite another to figure out who you actually want to support.


A huge part of the difficulty in knowing where your dollars should go is the relative uselessness of labels. Is this cereal bar really all natural, healthy for me? Was this shirt made by someone who cares for the environment and pays his workers well? Chances are, that kind of information isn’t showing up on the label. Not to mention, marketing only blurs reality more.


Well, it’s about to become so easy to gain information about what you buy – to learn everything that the label isn’t clearly telling you – that you will finally be able to change your shopping habits to align with your principles. That’s because you’re going to love OpenLabel.


openlabel landing


OpenLabel is a smartphone app (currently available for download in the App Store) that lets you see the details you really care about. You can look up products or scan the barcode, and you’ll see why others recommend or disapprove of products. The makers liken it to a mix of Yelp and Twitter, but focused on products, specifically the digital labels people put on products.


Worried about dyes in your food, whether or not a company is dumping toxic sludge into rivers, or if a retailer is fighting protective regulations in other countries? Now you can know this sort of information with a quick scan of a label.


Here’s what the OpenLabel website says: “Our dollars are our most powerful voice. By creating a centralized place for people and organizations to share environmental. political, social, animal, and health & safety information, the OpenLabel Project will make commerce more transparent, and help consumers make smarter, more responsible choices.”


Even the laziest among us can no longer plead ignorance with such a simple and fast tool at our disposal. You can create your own labels, share labels, and focus on any kind of impact your spending has that you’re concerned about. Welcome to crowdsourced labeling!


OpenLabel has already raised 450K and recently told KillerStartups that they’re preparing for a crowd equity round. Other startups have attempted to reimagine labeling, but OpenLabel may have the formula that finally brings the public onboard. Ready to help the world learn more about what we’re buying?


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