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Open2Go.comOpen2Go is a nifty application that makes it a breeze to store both URLs and notes on your smartphone. This service is available for Android and for iOS, and it works in the easiest of ways. If you want to have any link stored on your mobile you must set your browser to the site, input the URL to be saved on the provided box and then hit the button that reads “Store to Phone”. And if what you want is to have a note sent directly to your mobile, then all you must do is to type it down on the box. Once you’re done, you can have it saved on your iPhone or Android phone in exactly the same way.


Open2Go is not only dead-easy to use, the service’s also got the plus of working completely on the fly. You don’t have to sign up for an account, or sign in using other service. You won’t have to disclose information of any kind to use this service to store data on your mobile. And Open2Go is also a service you can use %100 for free. So, it’s hard to fault it as far as usability goes. Granted, the design of the site might be a little too basic but that doesn’t make the service any less effective. It does what it’s been created for, and it does it well. In Their Own Words

Quick and clean way to store ULRs/notes on the phone.

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How long can you keep your notes? Is there a way to change that?

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