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Open.Srcphp.comOver at Open.srcphp.

com you’ll be able to find a gallery of the best open source PHP projects. Throughout the gallery, you’ll find information on each project, what it consists of, and what other people have though about it. This will allow you to determine whether an application is good enough for you to download and start tinkering with. The site has two main RSS feeds that make keeping up with what’s new in the gallery simple. The Featured Projects Feed will allow you to see projects that have already won over the people on the site. This is a great way for you to find projects that have satisfied users worldwide. If you’re looking for the next big project, you’ll like the Upcoming Projects Feed. Through it, you’ll see the newest additions to the gallery. In short, anyone who is looking for open source applications to use and improve should consult this site as one of their main resources. In Their Own Words

“ features an easy to browse gallery of the best Open Source PHP projects.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are some interesting projects on this site. It should allow for developers to find the next big useful application.

Some Questions About

Will developers like people judging them on their ideas? Won’t there be too many projects to browse through once the site becomes popular?