Open a Business Checking Account in Minutes with NorthOne

Not long ago, you actually had to go inside the bank to conduct financial matters.

These days seem like a distant memory because in 2019, financial management has never been easier.  This is especially true for businesses – which used to spend hours upkeeping the books manually but can now take advantage of many new technologies, business models, and consumer behaviors that have emerged over the past decade.

Leveraged properly, these things can help small businesses that were just looking to stay alive instead thrive.  However, doing so can be extremely tricky and create new, more devastating problems that crush the bottom line.

Knowing which apps and strategies work best for your particular business is very difficult, especially for brand new entrepreneurs.  Not to mention, having to learn things that were previously foreign takes time and an ability to adapt. The issues that these financial solutions can create will have business owners longing for the old days and scrambling back inside banks.

The time has come to make this innovative new age work for those who can benefit from it most.  Introducing NorthOne: America’s “challenger bank” that provides everything your business needs, built right into your phone.

NorthOne’s mission is to help small businesses get banking right in an age of so many new financial options.  Their first step towards this? A mobile app that allows users to open Government-ensured business bank accounts in less than 3 minutes – without ever stepping foot into a branch.

But that’s just the beginning.  NorthOne also provides quicker, ongoing insights into your company’s spending, revenue, and balance – whenever you need them and 100% online.  Users can also make payments & mobile deposits with just a few taps, get company debit cards issued, deposit & withdrawal at ATMs, and more. It’s everything a small business needs financially.

Not just small businesses – NorthOne is also ideal for brand new startups and freelancers as well.  For all of these user types, the app has proven to help save up to 50% on bookkeeping costs and can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, Wave, and many other popular systems.

Pricing is fully transparent, as the app starts at $10 per month for the NorthOne Starter Plan (15 transactions/month).  Here are a few more of the many features and benefits it provides:

  • Instant, live in-app customer support chat and the ability to schedule support calls
  • Automatic transaction categorization and receipt attachment to transactions
  • Team banking functionality and access for multiple team members
  • Bank accounts are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Touch or Face ID can be used to log in, send payments, and view sensitive details

NorthOne was founded back in 2016 by Eytan Bensoussan & Justin Adler, and has wasted little time gaining a strong following since.  In fact, the company is now trusted by over 43,000 business builders.

Currently in beta, NorthOne will continue listening to early user feedback over the coming months and making key platform improvements.  This, and certain user acquisition efforts will be put in place ahead of the company’s upcoming mass market launch.

Photos: NorthOne