search cancel – Create a Virtual Online Desktop (which stands for Online Operating System) wants to be your personal and virtual online desktop, where you can organize and manage your files, documents, photos, contacts, calendar and personal data from anywhere in the world.


You can also create your own webpage, which can host photos, documents, or whatever. The site gives you 1 GB of space and your own domain name and address ( After registering, the Online Operating System will give you a file manager, a system control panel, several utility programs (text editor, image viewer, games, etc.) and tips of the day. In essence, after signing online from anywhere and with whatever computer, you can replicate the form and function of your home desktop. In Their Own Words

“We packed many new funcitionalities into this release, and these are only the most important:

* Share documents and images with your friends.

* Create your own private homepage for free! Create or upload new folders and documents with the File Manager. Edit HTML-Files with a WYSIWYG-Editor. Forget about FTP upload and enjoy 1 Gigabyte of free disk space under your own Address (!

* Share your holiday experiences with others. OOS allows you to create a web photo album easily.

* The File Manager handles ZIP archives and PDF files.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mobility is the key word for the next generation of tech products and services. Everyone wants the ability to take their home computer on the road, and this service wants to provide that.

Some Questions About

Purportedly, the site is supposed to make your onlife life easier. However, I found the site to be cumbersome and extremely slow. And this is the test phase. While in test phase, the site should go to extraordinary lengths to be easy and accessible, and explain to the average user why they should take the time to register and browse their site….instead, the main focus was getting me to register and then maybe find the description of what the site does. I believe the site may have some value and merit, but the long process in finally getting to their main site deterred me from wanting to use their site forever.

Author : Fred Inman

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