Oondi.com – Part Writers Forum, Part Wikipedia

Oondi.comAccording to descriptions on Oondi’s web pages, the site serves two different functions: it is a forum for authors to focus on writing (rather than marketing content) and to receive 100% of advertising revenue garnered by their article, and it is simultaneously a Wikipedia-like site, to provide readers with user-submitted, high quality information. What results is a web portal that produces a variety of content, ranging from academic essays like “Debunking Gender Stereotypes: Men, Women and Violence” to the top rated story of all time, “5 Facts about Burning Body Fat You Should Know.

” Oondi is free to use and constantly updated.

Oondi.com In Their Own Words

“Oondi offers readers free information on every subject imaginable. Writers are offered a place to publish their portfolio and are paid for quality content.”

Why Oondi.com It Might Be A Killer

Oondi offers readers thoughtful and intelligent articles. A natural system is in place to weed out articles that are not of interest or not relevant to readers; the higher ratings an article receives, the more likely it is to be read and displayed.

Some Questions About Oondi.com

While Oondi CAN be both a place for authors to write without needing to market themselves AND a alternative Wikipedia, the messaging needs to be clarified and fine-tuned so that authors and visitors are not confused. Oondi.com