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Oonair.comOonair is a web-based platform that makes it possible for teams to collaborate via video like never before. The premise here is to have video technology incorporated into daily activities, effectively introducing multimedia to communications which (up to that point) were essentially one-dimensional.


And this is done in a really practical way, as users can send and receive videos using their mobile phones. More than 80 different handsets are already supported, and that includes everything from the fanciest smartphones to more humble devices.

When using Oonair, different folders are created in which the separate files are stored. And the ones who have created them can set down their actual degree of privacy, barring some users for accessing parts of what has been uploaded, such as instructions for supervisors and so on.

And the site also makes for sharing images around. Again – they become hosted on folders whose privacy can be set down at will, and accessed only by those with the relevant privileges. In Their Own Words

Web based mobile video collaboration.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for collaborating in a way that leaves just no room for misunderstandings.

Some Questions About

How long can videos be?

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