Oomix.com – Worldwide Music Collaboration on the Net

Oomix.comOomix is a new site which aims to connect musicians and artists around the world in order to collaborate and make music from one single spot. Musicians, labels and bands can join for free and upload their tracks to their site and listen to the tracks of others.

From there they can search for collaborators and combine their tracks to make beautiful music. These new songs can then be sold on site; each artist decides via the site’s messaging feature the ownership percentages for all tracks and all participants receive their predetermined cut. So, what you get, possibly is a global effort wherein everyone profits. The Oomix mixer is free to download, however some of the sites features operate via credits. To start with, each member gets 30 credits free. Uploading tracks cost one credit, uploading songs sets you back four credits, and mastering a song takes twelve credits. Additionally, the site hosts something called Roundabout Songs in which a batch of songs are available for users to edit within 24 hours after which they’re given to other users to edit again within the space of 24 hours. Songs sell for about $2 each. Currently, there’s a contest for favorite song created on site; the winner will receive an iPod.

Oomix.com In Their Own Words

“Join free as a musician, a band or a record label and begin to meet people like you

Securely upload your tracks and begin mixing them with others in the free studio

Master your song and choose the ownership percentages of all tracks and production

When all musicians agree to the song and their ownership publish it to the shop

Make money from sales

Join now”

Why Oomix.com It Might Be A Killer

This site is a boon for independent musicians who may not have the means to elaborate their creations without having to pay wads of cash. Using Oomix artists from all over can get together and create new songs and apart from the artistic rewards, they’ll be financially compensated. Listeners also get a new source for cool, independent music.

Some Questions About Oomix.com

What’s their marketing plan? As with most sites, this one depends on the number of users. If there’s no content, the site has no purpose. Oomix.com