Ooma.com – Free Phone Service

Ooma.comYes, you read that correctly, free phone service. Ooma is offering phone service for absolutely free amongst its users, the only thing that you need to pay for is the initial hardware that you need to install to make sure that it runs correctly.

That will set you back $400, which sounds like a bit until you sit back and think that hypothetically it could be the last phone expense that you eve have to pay for which kind of puts it in a whole new perspective now doesn’t it? All Ooma devices include 2 lines which is a godsend if you are a kid, or if you have kids. All Ooma devices come with a built in answering machine as well. The Oomas actually wont be on sale until December but you will surely see its creative director, Ashton Kutcher pushing for the service via viral videos before then.

Ooma.com In Their Own Words

How exactly does someone (or several someones) decide that it’s time to revolutionize an industry that hasn’t innovated in 100 years? Well, for starters, it helps when the visionaries joining forces come from companies like Apple, TiVo, Cisco, Intel, Yahoo! and Napster. The very fact that there isn’t a phone company mogul in our mix proves we’re approaching telecommunications in an entirely new way.
It also helps that, like the rest of the world, our founders hoped that VoIP would be “the next big thing.” So when no one seemed to be doing more than just putting voice over broadband, we were left scratching our heads. Why just change the delivery method? Why not change the whole game?

So that’s what we set out to do. We listed everything that’s wrong with phone service today – it’s pricey, limited, and inflexible – and made it our mission to create a better customer phoning experience. One that lets everyone have certain inalienable rights. Like the right to talk with abandon without watching “minutes.” To never be thrown off the phone because someone else needs it. And the right to screen calls and manage voicemails in cool new ways with the touch of a button.

Why Ooma.com It Might Be A Killer

Free phone service forever. Thats hard to beat. This is really unbelievable. Vonage offers this service for about $25 and charges around $100 in start up costs so anything after 9 months you would be saving money with Ooma.

Some Questions About Ooma.com

The $400 start up fee could be a bit of a turn off to the a buyer because even though in the long run it is cheaper to go with Ooma for free, for people who dont have a lot of money it is easier to part with $25 every month with Vonage than $400 once.